Mexican Chicken and Corn Salad


Single Serving 

1 chicken breast (boneless; skinless)
4 cherry tomatoes quartered
1 c chopped lettuce
1⁄4 c (15 oz.) black beans
juice of 1 lime
1⁄4 c olive oil
smoky paprika (optional)
bacon bits (optional)
1 c tortilla chips
kosher salt (to taste)
freshly ground black pepper (optional; to taste)

Season the chicken breast with salt, freshly ground black pepper and smoky paprika (optional).

Heat a grill pan and add 1 tbs. olive oil.

Add the chicken breast and cook 6 minutes on each side.

Remove from grill pan and allow chicken to cool.

Place the tomatoes, chopped lettuce, beans and Libby’s corn into a bowl.

In a separate small bowl whisk together the lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Place the cooled chicken breast onto a cutting board and cut into 1”pieces.

Pour dressing over veggies and lettuce and toss.

Add chopped chicken to salad.

Sprinkle cheese and bacon bits (optional) over salad.

Serve salad with tortilla chips or add them into the salad.